Setyembre 21, 2011


Parokya ni Edgar have a blog that I think their fans made and they have this cool thing called "FANFUN SHARING". In this part of their blog they give the fans a chance to share their experience with PNE. They ask the fans to compose a short blog about it that they can send to . To know more about it and tell a story just click the link:

Since I found out about it I wanted to share my experience on one of their concerts I've attended. Some part of my post is in Filipino because I just copied and pasted the description of the album on my fb account. It's the lazy me plus I know I will have the hard time translating it all in English. So bare with me. haha. :) 

Now telling the story...

Dated August 07, 2010

Afternoon that day while rehearsing for our competition for speech choir, somebody knocked on our door and giving away tickets for a concert. And since it's for free were like "Ate ako na lang!", the catch is "at andun ang Parokya ni Edgar" and I quietly approach the girl who's giving away tickets and I said "ate wala na bang ticket?" and OHYEAH! She handed me four more tickets! THAT GIRL IS AN ANGEL THAT DAY! :)

However the concert will happen the evening that same day and I didn't even ask permission to my parents. What's even worse I have only 200 pesos on my wallet. 

The last time I was able to watch their concert live was when they celebrated their anniversary at Myx and I was still on my sophomore year during HS. So why miss this opportunity? :)

PAROKYA NI EDGAR at Ultra, Pasig City

there was a technical problem while their singing Buloy but the crowd sang half of the song.


PAROKYA NI EDGAR is the coolest band ever kahit dalawang beses nagkaroon ng technical problem, CHILL parin sila. MAHAL NA MAHAL SILA NG CROWD dahil kalahati ng kanta ay kinanta namin noong nag brown out. Pinagpaalam pa nila kung pwede lumapit ang crowd sa stage at go naman ang crowd. ASTIG TALAGA! napaka sweet nila sa crowd dahil namigay pa sila ng water at umikot pa si Vinci sa crowd. Sayang lang dahil hindi naki sabay si CHITO! huhu. pero LOVE NA LOVE KO PARIN SILA. Waiting for the next concert na mapapanuod ko sila. :)

We dont have alot of photos because were not prepared. :)

On my next post I'll be sharing their concert at LPU :)

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