Oktubre 31, 2011

SJA 85th Anniv - FUNRUN

St. James Academy is a school united in faith and committed to excellence. Founded in 1926 and now living the spirit at 85. SJA celebrates its 85th anniversary with a FUNRUN which is open to students, parents, alumni, relatives, friends and others.

Saint James Academy-Malabon: 85 Years and Beyond!
Video by: 

official poster
photo from: St. James Academy Page

photos from St. James Academy Page

Assembly time: 5:00 am

              10K               6:00 am
              5K                 6:05 am
              700m/1.5k   6:10 am
              3K                 6:15 am

Hosted by:
            Mr. Torres
            Ms. Flestado
            Maviel Gonzales (alumna)

               Pocari Sweat
               Nature Valley

           Male and Female Dressing
           Pocari Sweat

Stage (upper left),  Medic and Information (upper right), Baggage (lower left), Male and Female Dressing (lower right)
In case of emergency, there were medical staffs that can give first aids on the runners at the Medic booth and an ambulance on stand by behind it. Meron pang isang ambulansya na umiikot sa race route, naka-abangan sila kung meron mang runner na kailangan ng tulong (physically). 
If runners or people on the place have questions they can proceed on the Information booth, they can also buy foods, drinks, SJA 85th Anniversary and Fun Run Collectibles. Another booth sells clothes and other stuffs.
Runners who have backpacks or a lot of things with them they can left their things on the Baggage booth. I just brought a belt bag where I placed my cellphone, money, camera, towel and a "drink and fold" water container. Di hassle. I must recommend just have with you belt bags. :) 
Male and Female Dressing room is a place where runners can change their clothes before and after the run. 
Runners or others can also have a souvenir photo for 40 pesos at the Photo Booth. (yun nga lang nagloko ata un printer nila kaya un ibang photos di na nakuha at nirefund un bayad o pede nilang kunin un photo kay Ms. Tandoc sa school.). 
There is also a Technical Booth located behind the stage. 

Pocari Sweat Booth (left) and Pocari Sweat take homes (right)

Pocari Sweat booth is located at the back of the stage and runners can ask for a bottle as long as they want. There were also two Pocari Sweat hydration stations and two water stations located on KM point race route. 
at may mga batang namamasura na hihingin yun mga plastic cups and bottles pagkatapos mo inuman. :)

Gunstart for 10K runners.
every after 5 mins were the gunstart for 5K, 3K, 1.5K, 700m

I finished 5K in 57 mins and 42 secs
Not bad. Im not also aiming to win the race, I just want to celebrate the anniv and to have fun at the same time. Since Im not that in to running though I jogged last summer, one fourth of the supposedly fun RUN, I WALKED or I can properly say "cooled down" for many times. hahaha. :)

my bib and singlet

It was nice to see old and new faces at the fun run. It was a good venue to see Jamers. It made me missed my Alma Mater. 

My siblings and I are all alumni from St. James Academy. I can say that my parents greatest investment was our education. My Alma Mater drove me to give selflessly myself to the local community and the Church.  I learned, grew and became a good citizen and God-fearing. All of this I owe to the community of St. James Academy. 

"For our God, For our Country, For our St. James"
"Para sa Diyos, Para sa Bayan, Para kay Santiago"

Oktubre 22, 2011


a movie was recommended by my good friend. it's entitled 3 Idiots. i will not get into details of the movie. i wanted you to see it yourself and hope it will inspire you. just like how it touched me and stayed on my mind for a long time. here is the official trailer of 3 Idiots. 

it is an Indian movie so better watch it with English subtitles
or else you will not understand it except if you do understand Hindi. 

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Musical
Starring: Aamhir Khan as Rancho
              Sharman Joshi as Ruji
            Madhavan as Farhan
                 Kareena Kappoor as Pia
Director: Rajkumar Hirani
Official Site: http://idiotsacademy.zapak.com/idiotsmain.php
Subscribe on their Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/3idiots

the movie made me laugh, dance, cry, realize and dream. it was an inspiring movie. it left me spellbound for hours after it had ended.  and indeed it is one of my favorite movies. in spite of the humor in the movie it carries a message. a good message to live by for all walks of life.  A scene caught my attention it is when Chatur asked a vendor of where they can find the address written on the paper but the vendor said "If I could read, would I sell peanuts". May punto ang nagtitinda, pag madiskarte ka sa buhay kahit wala kang pinag-aralan, kaya mong mabuhay. Pero hanggang dun na lang ba ang pangarap mo? We all deserve better than that. Rancho was an orphaned; no money to enroll in school so what he did is get an old uniform and slip into class he liked. His status in life didnt hinders him to reach his dream, to be an Engineer. He has the capability to do impossible, possible. All of us have our dream, our passion in life. We plan our own life. If you have a dream, claim it. 

"Make your passion, your profession." 

There are a lot of good things one can learn from this movie. 

  • Students: should not focus on just memorizing books chapter but focus on how you can apply it. 
  • Parents: be a good provider, support and respect your child's dream.
  • Teacher and Education System: Learn how to teach. (does it make sense? Rancho emphasized it on the movie)
  • To all of us: Life is a journey that is full of pressures, dont quit. Enjoy the ride.

"All is well." 

How ironic the title is, for me they are genius. also i want to give credit to the director, writers and the whole production team of 3 Idoits. YOU ARE ALL GENIUS! :) 

Oktubre 12, 2011


Last September 17, 2011 I attended the Halina sa LPU ft. Parokya ni Edgar concert...

After the concert I tweeted these...

tweeted PNE members and thanked them for a ROCK and ROLL concert.

I'm so happy when I was able to hold Chito's arm and it felt cold. 

His slanted eyes and when he smiles it make me FALL IN LOVE! :)

And my Idol Chito Miranda (Parokya ni Edgar's Vocalist) also tweeted this...

He thanked all those who came in the concert especially the Pirates of Lyceum. :)

When I woke up I still can't get over about the concert and tweeted this...

on my tweet I mentioned PNE members and expressed how happy I am last night and Im still lying in bed that morning

and it surprised me when PNE's back-up singer Vinci Montaner retweeted/replied...

"ako rin" --short but mean a lot to me! :)

I read his RT day after he replied and IM SO HAPPY! :)

and right away I asked him if where I can buy the shirt he wore at the concert...


and he immediately replied "WALA"...

I felt bad when I knew that it was a personalized shirt and nowhere I can buy one. :( 

After that concert I listed all the songs they played and tweeted and mentioned parokyaniedgar's twitter account...

unfortunately I can't remember the order of the songs. The last four songs were the songs I remember in order. 

I almost forgot one of their songs...

"Inuman Na"

Since I mentioned parokyaniedgar, I didnt expect that they will reply on my tweet.

they said I just tweeted 11 songs and that i missed "Inuman na".
I forgot to mention them on my last tweet and replied...


for others they might find my post non-sense, some may call it "kababawan" (shallowness) but for a fan like me it means a lot. That band is so busy with their concerts or even with their private  life, and for them to recognize a tweet from a fan must be something.  On their twitter account parokyaniedgar their followers are 18,669 and counting, on their Facebook fan page parokyaniedgarofficial they hit 1, 724, 477 and counting likes. Those numbers doesn't include all  followers of Parokya ni Edgar band members, individually. Like the band's vocalist Chito Miranda with 157,206 tweetpeps follows his twitter account chitomirandajr. So for a fan like me it surprised me when they were able to recognize my tweets. 

Sa tingin ko ito ang mga dahilan kung bakit mahal na mahal sila ng fans nila dahil... 
 hindi sila nakakalimot sa mga taong umiidol sa kanila, 
hindi nila pinababayaan ang mga sumusuporta sa kanila, 
walang sawa sila sa pagpapasalamat sa fans nila at 
patuloy ang pagmamahal nila sa amin. 

at mula sa isang fan...

"If music be the food of love, play on"

etong post na to ay matagal ng nakatambak sa drafts ko, diko siya napublish agad. so pasensya na kung sobrang luma na. :) 


Krimen: damage to property
Suspek: Bagyong Pedring
Biktima: Taga-Malabon
Petsa: Setyember 27, 2011 

isang kwento ng paghagupit ni Pedring sa isang bahay ng taga-Malabon.isang kwento ng bayanihan. 

Kasabay ng malakas na hangin at pahinto-hintong ulan na dala ng bagyong Pedring, sa unang pagkakataon binaha ang loob ng bahay namin. Noong araw na yan high tide din sa lugar namin tapos nagpakawala ng tubig sa dam at umapaw ang mga ilog sa amin. Resulta naging WATER WORLD muli ang Malabon at Navotas. Block-out din sa mga lugar na yan . 

10:00am di namin namalayan na unti unti na palang tumataas ang tubig sa labas ng bahay namin. Ng sumilip ako sa bintana namin, nakita ko na may baha na sa iskinita namin at ang nasabi ko lang ay "HALA KA!". 

At nagmadali na kami ng nanay ko na iakyat ang mga gamit namin sa baba tulad ng mga sangkatutak naming sapatos, mga kahon, pinggan na nakatago, mga drawers,sofa set at kung anu-ano pang abubot.
At agad agad naiakyat ng nanay ko ang TV namin, flat screen naman yun kaya mas magaan kumpara sa dating modelo ng mga TV. Yung ref. naman syempre di na kayang buhatin ng nanay ko yun kaya di na kami nahiya na magpatulong sa kahit sino na dumaan sa labas namin para buhatin to sa mataas na lugar. Dumaan ang dalawang manong na may mabuting puso na nag-angat ng ref namin sa dining chairs. Patuloy parin ang pagtaas ng baha kaya nag-abangan muli ang aking nanay kung sino ang maaaring tumulong na maiakyat ang ref namin sa hagdanan. Buti na lang dumaan ang magkapatid na kapitbahay namin at inakyat uli ang ref namin. Sa mga panahon na yan abala rin ako sa pagsasalba ng mga gamit namin na maaari kong maikayat. 

11:00am tinext ko ang aking kuya na binaha na ang loob ng bahay namin, at sinabi niya sa akin na pinauwi na daw siya galing sa opisina. Nguni't hirap daw siyang makasakay pauwi dahil baha na nga sa mga daan. 

"Kuya san ka na?hanap ka tulong mgakyat ng ref. lubog na un baba" 
11:26am konti na lang ay aabot na sa ikatlong hakbang ng hagdaan ang baha kung saan nandun yung ref. Nagreply si kuya 
"Dys,ppnta njan cla abo..d2 plng aq longos laki ng tubig". 

At agad agad naman dumating ang mga kababata ng kuya ko at malapit na kaibigan ng aking pamilya. Sila ang nagakyat ng ref namin sa ikalawang palapag ng aming bahay. Pagkatapos nun ay umalis narin sila dahil meron pa daw silang tutulungan.

umabot sa ikatlong hakbang ng hagdaan namin yung baha.
bali bumaba na yan nun kinunan ko

Hanggang bewang yung baha sa main street namin

Halos lagpas tuhod naman ang baha sa labas ng bahay namin

yan ang nagsilbing dining table namin noong tanghalian

Pagkatapos mananghalian, nakatulog ako dahil narin sa sobrang pagod. Hindi lang hanggang 2nd floor namin ang pinagakyatan ko ng gamit namin hanggang 3rd floor. Nagising ako gabi na, at unti-unti ng bumaba ang baha. Salit-salitan ang nanay't kuya ko sa paglimas ng baha. Kung anu-anong strategy ang ginamit nila pero mas effective yung kay mami kasi yung kay kuya kalahati ng tinatapon niyang baha bumabalik din sa loob ng bahay namin. 

Around 6:00pm wala ng baha sa loob ng bahay namin. Sabay-sabay kami nina mami, dadi at kuya na naghapunan sa hagdaan. 

Yang kandila ang nagsilbing liwanag sa aming bahay na nagbigay narin ng pag-asa para malakas na harapin ang bukas.

SALAMAT sa mga taong tumulong sa amin sa panahon na yan...sa mga taong malapit sa aming pamilya, kapitbahay at sa mga kabarangay. Dati  ang "bayanihan" ay makikita sa pagtutulong ng mga magkakapitbahay na buhatin ang Bahay Kubo. Sa panahon na naging konkreto na ang mga bahay sa bansa, halos di na natin ang bayanihan sa pagbubuhat ng kubo. Pero kahit nabubuhay na tayo sa modernong panahon, makikita parin ang "bayanihan" sa kahit anong panahon o henerasyon. 

Basta Pilipino ka, asahan mo na may Pilipino din na tutulong sayo.