Nobyembre 17, 2012

Going SOLO at Baguio

After strawberry fields at La Trinidad, next on the list is Bell Church...a 8.50 pesos worth of jeepney ride.  

Bell Church
A few steps from La Trinidad and Baguio border is Bell Church.

The first arch that welcomed me to the compound. It is adorned with a dragon and bells.

The second arch decorated with dragons and bell. I don't know how to read those characters. 

Third arch / gate

This Taoist Bell Church has various pagodas, Buddha statues and attractive landscaped garden.

I noticed that there are always eight corners and pillars on the structures in the area.
8 = lucky...8 = infinity 

Then, we went back to the town (8.50 pesos worth of jeepney ride) for lunch and walked across...
Baguio City Hall

My barkada's schoolmate accompanied me during my first two trips in strawberry fields and bell church. Unfortunately, we don't have pictures together. They invited me to have lunch here at Cafe by The Ruins...I can say that they love to try different dishes and to eat ofcourse, since its related with their course. hehe. I took the above photos when I sneak while waiting for our orders. :)

Cafe by the Ruins

This restaurant is located at Chuntug Street, in front of the city hall. I love its interior design and its vibe. Plus they are supporting local artists as it is also a venue for exhibits.

That's the ruins of a garden theater that also turned as a residence.

They lit the bon fire every night. I want to experience this one. 

my dish Lemon Ricotta with Grilled Chicken Breast. 
A delicate, lemony flavored cream sauce of carabao ricotta cheese; grilled breast on the side. Php 240.00
(photo taken using my phone)

Banana Turon. 
A friend lumpiar really, filled with saba banana, moscovado sugar. Php 120.00
photo credit to Rudi Tabora

This is the part that I really went solo at Baguio because my barkada's schoolmates want to take a nap and I decided to go on separate way. hehe. The rain haven't stop until we finish our meal so I also have to change my original plan. My original plan is to stay up to midnight at Baguio and to book the last trip going to Manila however I chose to book an earlier trip. Medyo na paisip talaga ako nun kasi hassle talaga mamasyal ng umuulan lalo pa't mag-isa ako. Binibilang ko pa nga ang estimated time of arrival ko sa Manila kasi wala namang susunod sa akin sa terminal. So after our lunch, I went to the bus station and checked the departure dahil may free time pa ako napag-desisyunan ko ng ituloy ang pamamasyal ko. *daldal* :)


Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto
is located on Mirador hill in the western part of Baguio city. 

The Latin words "TOTA PULCHA ES MARIA"

252 steps

The shire of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Son of Mary Immaculate

"Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened and I will refresh you. Learn from me for I am meek and gentle of heart." (Mt. 11:28)

Nobyembre 13, 2012

A taste of la la La Trinidad

Background story:
After attending the Speech Communication Organization of the Philippines, Inc. Annual National Medyear Seminar Workshop 2012 held at Hotel Veniz, Baguio City from October 25-27, 2012, I decided to extend another day to explore more of Benguet's beauty. This time, none of classmates joined me in this prolonged vacation. Supposedly, my high school classmate who resides in Baguio will tour me around, however for a personal reason he wasn't able to accompany me. Good thing, my high school barkada has classmates from and in Baguio and she said that they can come with me. Something new for me...Time to be friendly. Shy type kasi ako. :)

Strawberry Fields 

First in the itinerary was to visit the Strawberry fields at La Trinidad, Benguet which is 6kms away from Baguio City. From Hotel Veniz we took a short walk to the jeepney terminal going to La Trinadad and ride a jeep worth 11 pesos.

Dahil maulan ng araw na yun, edi maputik...kaya naman delikado ang yellow pants ko at natatanging pantalon ko. hehe.

click photo to enlarge

However, I'm a month early to pick strawberries because the harvesting season is from November until May. Instead a local offered to reap lettuce but I don't eat that so nevermind. hehe. At least I was able to save money from picking strawberries because it is twice the price in the market when you pick your own.

So what I did is to take some pictures and check the souvenir shops...I even got to taste the Strawberry wine, its good. :)

"Buti pa sa farmville 5 minutes lang may strawberry ka na",  I kid. 

Little did I know that La Trinidad have different potential tourist spots. I will definitely go back to La Trinidad for its strawberries and other tourist locations.  

dated: 102812

Nobyembre 11, 2012

Virtual Zoo

Some of my classmates and I went to our school to arrange our requirements for our practicum last friday. My classmate Faye planned to buy cloth for her ojt uniform at Divisoria. Since I haven't bought mine, I decided to come with her. Camille, my other classmate also came with us. 

First, we went to Lucky Chinatown Mall...its our first time to be there and I am impressed with it. From its name itself this 5-hectare mall is located at the heart of China Town. The mall has the top of the line retail and food establishments. Aside from the shops and resto, I liked that the mall is not yet crowded.  Another thing is that they have clean with good interior designed restroom, plus music and cctv camera. hehe. Basta kung hindi ka pa nakakapunta sa Lucky Chinatown Mall, see it yourself :D Read more... 

After, we finished buying cloths...we decided to visit Tutuban Center Mall Virtual Zoo. It is a collage of 12 3D paintings of "larger-than-life" animals made by Lakan Dayang Cultural Association group of artists.   LDCA are composed of Fine Arts students and professors from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. 

too much for my kadaldalan...let me share our photos. :)

First, I got bitten by this yawning lion at circus
entering the bat cave
with my friends faye (l) and cams (r)
I was trying to calm the horse...
but he became wilder! @.@
with the cute tarsiers of Bohol :)
Thanks for the ride my pawikan.
I'm simply irresistable even animals cant resist me. ;)
sneaking out...ssssh 
c'mon Faye! lets go. RUN RUN! 
Meet Virtual 'd Tiger
Come here, I know you're hungry. Catch this piece! :)

An epitome of "Grace under pressure" inside an alligator's mouth.
My friend Faye got tired and she needs to be hydrated. Tindi ng uhaw mo te! haha :)
No, you can't go out.
Thanks Faye for helping me. Thank you also to that drink, you have enough energy my friend. :)
Time to eat and some wash Tutu 'd Elephant
effort daw ako sa pagbukas ng payong. hahaha. :)

there is it! sorry for my corny captions. hehe. :) photo credits to Cams :*

Come and Visit Virtual Zoo, ADMISSION IS FREE!

September 2012 when a fire hit the Cluster Building of  Tutuban Center Mall.  It is the only building that got burned but the other two buildings are still operating.