Hunyo 30, 2012

San Joaquin church

The militaristic motif church was constructed in 1859 under the supervision of the Spanish priest Tomas Santaren, together with Spanish and Mexican artists. 

Baroque Architecture

This greyish-white church was made with coral stone or limestone and egg whites and a product of the sweat and blood of the natives who were employed forced labor by the Spaniards. It stood the test of time. The church became a fort when Moro raiders invade the Southern Panay coast. It also served as a evacuation centre during the Japanese occupation. In 1943, the church was ordered to be burn and the rest of the town. A powerful earthquake toppled down the old belfry in 1948. 

Beautiful stone carvings on the facade of the church. 
The carvings immortalized the Rendicion d' Tetuan or the Battle of Tetuan. The relief features Spanish forces defeating the Moros which resulted Spanish victory. Horses, men with guns and a medieval city dominate the pediment. It is the only church in the Philippines that has a touch of militarism. 

The national government declared the church a historical landmark in 1974. It is also listed as a National Cultural Treasure. The National Historical Institute payed all the expenses in the restoration and reconstruction of the church in 1982. 

St. Joaquin's feast day is celebrated every August 16.

photo credit to Chingky Quijano

dated June 04, 2012
San Joaquin, Iloilo

Garin Farm

Looking for a place where you can learn, relax and pray? Garin Farm is a complete package for you. This 14-hectare  farm slash resort slash pilgrimage is one of the tourist spots in San Joaquin, Iloilo. Let me share some of our photos and details. 


Operating Hours: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm
Entrance Fee: Php 150. 00
(Outside food and drinks are not allowed)

(c) Chingky Quijano
vine plants
Saint Isidore the Farmer
Patron Saint of farmers

Let's go farming!
The zero waste farm showcases practical agricultural techniques and animal culture. One of the agricultural techniques taught here is the backyard farming. here's the extra challenge: 


This is the left-side facade of the 6x6  sq. m backyard farm. Inside were different animals such as chickens, pig etc. 

The farm also breeds chickens, goats, rabbits, pigeons, turkeys, sheeps etc. At the entrance the adminstration reminded their customers to expect a foul odor. In short wag kang mag-iinarte sa loob, farm to e! :)
selected photos of the animals there

The modern Ilonggo Farmer with his cellphone.


If you're a Filipino you know how to sing Bahay Kubo and if you're a foreigner you have to learn this folk song.  Here is another demo farm, complete with a bahay kubo that also shows how to produce vegetables, fruits and how to culture animals in a 1, 000 sq.m area.

inside the bahay kubo
(c) Chingky Quijano
Vegetables and fruits planted on the side of the bahay kubo. There are also animals at the back.
(c) Chingky Quijano

Leisure time!
Here are the recreational amenities of Garin farm that you will enjoy. They have a 5,000 sq.m man made lagoon located on a hilltop where you can try fishing and boat rides. 
(c) Chingky Quijano
Prize for Boating
    -Kayak (single): Php 40.00
    -Kayak (for 2): Php 90.00
    -Pedal Boat (2): Php 90.00
    -Rubber Boat (4): Php 120.00

(c) Chingky Quijano

Looking for an extreme adventure try their 300 meters zipline.  They have two kinds of zipline, the sitting worth Php 250. 00 and superman for Php 350.00. 

(c) Chingky Quijano
They have cave-like cottages and if you want to relax, enjoy and stay at the farm they also have rooms, its up there, the white rooms.
Air-conditioned rooms:
-Family room: Php 3,500.00
-Twin room: Php 2,500.00
-Single room: Php 1,500.00

Swimming Pool
(c) Chingky Quijano
Other Amenities:
-Swimming Pool: Php 80.00
-Horseback Riding: Php 60.00
-Goat Cart Ride: Php 30.00
-Scooter (5 Min): Php 30.00
-Billiard: Php 60.00

Gazeebo. Restaurant
(c) Chingky Quijano

At para sa mga tamad maglakad, hindi kayang maglakad, hindi maaaring maglakad nang malayo, Gamitin ang kanilang Golf Cart Rides. 
Golf Cart Rides:
Gate-Pavilion: Php 60.00
Pavilion-Cross: Php 90.00
Cross-Pavilion: Php 60.00
Pavilion-Gate: Php 60.00
Pero mas mag-e-enjoy kayo kung lilibutin niyo ang farm gamit ang inyong mga paa. Makakabuti pa ito sa inyong kalusugan. Kung kaya niyo naman maglakad, why not? :)

A moment with Him
The entrance was constructed with a low beam so that guests will be reminded to bow and give reverence before the Lord.

The way to the top.
As you climb, take time to pray on the life-size and life-like statues of the 9 Major Events of the Life of Jesus Christ.



ayy ganda ng view oh! :)
konti na lang maaabot ko na din ang tuktok. ayan yun panahon na laging kong tinatanong, ilang steps na nga ba? :)






As Jesus ascended we also ascended. Finally! After climbing those 456 steps we reached the Divine Mercy. A moment I prayed. 

and enjoy this picturesque view. Mas maganda siya sa personal. :)

101 ft. Divine Mercy Cross

I can say that our journey in Garin Farm is a highlight on our Iloilo trip. It is a must see place. Although I wasn't able to try all or atleast one of their activities, I enjoyed the view. From the view at the Divine Mercy Cross I got amazed with God's creation.  A creation that we must nourish. 

Guests can buy harvested fruits, vegetables, eggs and many more fresh from the farm. :)

Visit Garin farm website

*Pilgrimage photos credit to Chingky Quijano

dated June 04, 2012
San  Joaquin, Iloilo

Hunyo 14, 2012

Miagao Church

Baroque Romansque architecture
(c) ChingkyQuijano

It took a decade to build Miagao church, also known as Santo Tomas de Villanueva Parish Church. The construction began in 1787 under the supervision of Fray Francisco M. Gonzales O.S.A. and completed in 1797.

(c) ChingkyQuijano

The bas-relief facade features a large coconut tree that symbolizes as the "tree of life" in which St. Christopher is carrying the Child Jesus on his shoulders. I read that the Spanish missionaries selected this because for them, it embodies their mission to spread Christianity to other countries. The carvings also showed the traditions and life of Miagao residents.

Entrance door

The church was destroyed during the 1898 Revolution, damaged by fire in 1910, badly damaged by earthquake in 1948. It was subsequently rebuilt and the restoration work began in 1960 and ended in 1962.

(c) ChingkyQuijano

The church and its belfries or watchtowers served as fortress against raids by the Moros. 

That's why it is sometimes referred to as Miagao Fortress church since it sinks six meters deep into the ground with stone walls one-and-a-half meters thick and buttress thrice thicker in size for defensive purpose. 

Last summer I went for a tour around Ilocos Sur and Norte, when I saw Miagao church I remembered the Paoay church in Ilocos Norte. I told Mr. Noel, a lay minister/care taker of the church that Miagao church looks like San Agustin Church in Paoay, Ilocos Norte.  He answered that just like the church in Paoay, Miagao church is also one of the Baroque churches in the Philippines.

The church was declared as part of the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE "Baroque churches of the Philippines" in 1993.

(c) ChingkyQuijano

The Baroque architecture can be seen only in four churches in the Philippines, the other two are San Agustin church in Manila and Nuestra Se├▒ora de la Asuncion in Santa Maria in Ilocos Sur.

colorful collection bag -- ILIKE :)

The Miagao church was declared a national shrine by Presidential Decree No. 260 of former President Ferdinand Marcos.

Ilocos Sur Representative Imelda Marcos, Ferdinand's widow was said that she presented a painting of the Miagao church to the late Pope John Paul II making her an instrument of the church popularity.

(c) ChingkyQuijano

Mr. Noel opened the baptistery and allowed us to make a prayer-wish. *goosebumps*

Mother Mary image in Filipinia made of  pure wood.

According to Mr. Noel during the building of the church, the locals were asked to bring block of stones and eggs as their contribution. An egg yolk was used as binder. 

The white part is the "Apog" that is one of the original parts of the church since it was built.

Mr. Noel borrowed one of our cameras and repeatedly taking photos of Mother Mary. Then he showed us the photos and pointed out the Sacred Heart, Holy Trinity and angels images on the wall. *goose bumps* 

Scan the following five photos. 

(c) Chingky Quijano

Feel free to comment if you were able to see the images. 

with Mr. Noel, a lay minister/care taker of the church
He told us that his name, Noel is means "Christmas" in church, Noel means "no election" in politics but in Miagao Noel means "nothing excepts but love". 

 dated June 04 2012
Miagao, Iloilo