Nobyembre 16, 2011

This is one of those posts or upcoming posts that I become a fan. For those who read my previous posts and know me personally, this isn't new to you that I'm a big fan of Parokya ni Edgar. 

PAROKYA NI EDGAR was awarded BAND OF THE YEAR by the Stagg Music Awards 2011.
and the band's vocalist CHITO MIRANDA JR. was awarded MOST LIKED VOCALIST-MAINSTREAM. 

And I Congratulated Parokya ni Edgar and Chito Miranda thru Twitter. 

Here's my tweet congratulating the band and mentioned the band members.

My tweet for the Chito Miranda, PNE Vocalist

To my surprise Chito Miranda retweeted it. It really made me happy. :)

I really took the effort to print screen his profile and even edit it. :)

And Parokya ni Edgar also retweeted it. :)

Parokya ni Edgar profile. See they retweeted me too. :)

Just a happy fan sharing this. Accept and Respect . :)

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