Enero 05, 2012

"Effigies" for New Year

Every before new year's day, it is a tradition in our barangay to held this Effigy Making Contest. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary Effigy is an image or representation of especially of a person; especially: a crude figure representing a hated person. Well it goes the same thing with us. Participants made an effigy just like how one makes a paper mache. The effigy is made of wood which serves as the foundation, tie wire to mold the figure and newspaper strips to cover the figure. Effigies may have a minimum height of 5 feet. Entries with styrofoam or plastic will be disqualified. These effigies were wrapped with different firecrackers and burned before the year ends and the New Year starts. :)

And here are the following Effigies:

(L) Mickey Mouse, (R) Smurffette of The Smurfs

Angry Birds
These Angry Birds are soaring high. Five Entries.

The Heroes
(L) Incredible Hulk, (C) Captain America, (R) Astro Boy

The Villains / The Monsters

(L) Zombie of Plants vs. Zombies

Boy Pick-Up
Boy Pick-up is a character in the longest Gag Show in Philippines, the Bubble Gang. This guy delivers his non-sense pick-up lines and fans just can't help but laugh. And I'm one of those. Di pa nga niya binibitiwan yun pick-up line niya natatawa na ako sa mukha niya e. :) No wonder why he is undefeated! He also has a side-kick named Boy Back-up, he is the first one that reacts and always amazed with his idol's pick-up line. :) BOOM!  


1st Prize: Php 7,000 and trophy
2nd Prize: Php 5,000 and trophy
3rd Prize: Php 3,000 and trophy
with other special prizes

Consolation prize is for the 40 participants only

***unfortunately, i wasn't able to know who are the winners. it rained and i'm with my niece, i don't want her to get sick. :)


It is a tradition in our barangay to burn those effigies. But I noticed that this New Year's eve numbers of people playing firecrackers were lessen which is good. Kahit papaano nakabawas din yun sa air pollution at biktima ng mapuputukan sa Pilipinas. I even thought of why would you waste hundrends or thousands for firecrackers? Just to go with the tradition? If you can spend your money for Media Noche or maybe budget it for the upcoming year. My family doesn't play firecrackers anymore because we are afraid to get accident by it. We just enjoined Media Noche and watched fireworks :)

"Peace in your heart, health in your body, wealth in your life, joy in your home,
may you always be blessed with these priceless treasures."
HAPPY 2012!

love, DYS :)

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