Disyembre 14, 2011

REAR: Namamasko Po!


After our successful show at the World Youth Day, the Jesuits Communication Foundation invited us again to be part of a Christmas Concert. When are professor told us about this, I felt mixed emotions both happy and not sure if I can join. But still I wrote my name on the list to be part of the show. 2 weeks before the show, we scheduled dates for practices but weren't able to meet the numbers of members joining the group and we wasted a week. 5 days before the concert, I am losing hope to perform at the Big Dome because still weren't able to meet the numbers. And then angels came, Social Work freshmen students joined us! YEHEY! We are enlightened even though weren't able to meet the 40pax, we have 34 heads, 68 hands and 1 heart

When I knew that we will be performing at SMART Araneta Coliseum (yun sure na sure na!) I am so excited because various artists and shows happened there. And a joyful and youthful concert will occur, the Namamasko Po! Karoling ng Kabataang Pinoy.

Fast forward to December 10, 2011 the day that didn't start good. We experienced dreadful moments such as our black lights was accidentally broken, the aircon at the bus got over-heat, a traffic enforcer caught our bus driver's license (pero naayos din), muntik ng mabanga ang bus namin, hindi alam ng bus driver kung saan dadaan at akala namin mahuhuli na naman ang bus driver ng isa pang traffic enforser. In the end, we were able to be at the Coliseum safe and alive! Aleluyah! :)

Due to technical and lights problems, we mimed with those lights ON and WITHOUT black lights. I'm not sure if the audience were able to see or recognize the figures we made. As they say, "The show must go on." and nevertheless I know each one of us gave our hearts during the performances and PROUD to represent Centro Escolar University. They almost forgot to recognize our group after our performance that made one of the professors in our university angry. Likewise the whole group was saddened about that, almost all of us cried! We are really disheartened. But we got better when a Bro. from the JesCom productions apologized for what had happened and he expressed how much he appreciated our craft. 

I'm also disappointed because our production no. was not been aired last Dec. 18 at Studio 23. They cut our part. Siguro dahil kasiraan sa show nila ang kapalpakan ng production nila. Those people don't know how much effort, time and heart we dedicated to finish those figures for 2 songs. Then what will we get? NOTHING. 

Were not the only one who experienced those technical problems. In the middle of Claret Hataw's performance, their music stopped that forced them to finish their dance routine. Sayang lang at nagkaroon ng technical problem, bigla na lang huminto ang tugtog nila. Siguro kung natapos nila ang dance routine nila mas madami pa silang napabilib. Anyway, continue to STEP. MOVE. DANCE. HATAW -- Claret Hataw! :) 

I understand that we cannot avoid technical and lights problems in every production. And whatever happens "The show must go on." I learned that we should always be  prepared and whatever happens be proud of what you're doing. I’m really proud of the CEU-Moving Hands even though were not members of this group and even if were just asked to be part of the production we gave our hearts to the show. And I hope everyone saw that. 

At dahil ang Pinoy ay likas na masasayahin kahit na may problemang kinaharap o kinahaharap, nagsaya na lang kami sa concert!  Nakisayaw at naki-amazing kay Carelle Mangaliag, nakikanta sa mga chorale at nakiparty kay Yeng Constantino. Na-enjoy namin ang buong concert at sa bandang dulo inuwi ko ang aral na tinuro sa amin ni Archbishop Tagle, tungkol sa tunay na kahulugan ng Pasko at iyon ang MAGBIGYAN. :)

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