Oktubre 22, 2011


a movie was recommended by my good friend. it's entitled 3 Idiots. i will not get into details of the movie. i wanted you to see it yourself and hope it will inspire you. just like how it touched me and stayed on my mind for a long time. here is the official trailer of 3 Idiots. 

it is an Indian movie so better watch it with English subtitles
or else you will not understand it except if you do understand Hindi. 

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Musical
Starring: Aamhir Khan as Rancho
              Sharman Joshi as Ruji
            Madhavan as Farhan
                 Kareena Kappoor as Pia
Director: Rajkumar Hirani
Official Site: http://idiotsacademy.zapak.com/idiotsmain.php
Subscribe on their Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/3idiots

the movie made me laugh, dance, cry, realize and dream. it was an inspiring movie. it left me spellbound for hours after it had ended.  and indeed it is one of my favorite movies. in spite of the humor in the movie it carries a message. a good message to live by for all walks of life.  A scene caught my attention it is when Chatur asked a vendor of where they can find the address written on the paper but the vendor said "If I could read, would I sell peanuts". May punto ang nagtitinda, pag madiskarte ka sa buhay kahit wala kang pinag-aralan, kaya mong mabuhay. Pero hanggang dun na lang ba ang pangarap mo? We all deserve better than that. Rancho was an orphaned; no money to enroll in school so what he did is get an old uniform and slip into class he liked. His status in life didnt hinders him to reach his dream, to be an Engineer. He has the capability to do impossible, possible. All of us have our dream, our passion in life. We plan our own life. If you have a dream, claim it. 

"Make your passion, your profession." 

There are a lot of good things one can learn from this movie. 

  • Students: should not focus on just memorizing books chapter but focus on how you can apply it. 
  • Parents: be a good provider, support and respect your child's dream.
  • Teacher and Education System: Learn how to teach. (does it make sense? Rancho emphasized it on the movie)
  • To all of us: Life is a journey that is full of pressures, dont quit. Enjoy the ride.

"All is well." 

How ironic the title is, for me they are genius. also i want to give credit to the director, writers and the whole production team of 3 Idoits. YOU ARE ALL GENIUS! :) 

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  1. yup, this movie is really beautiful, no doubt...

    All is Well :)

    And I love the casts, plot, twists, and Kareena Kapoor. hahaha. Bollywood films are perfect.