Oktubre 31, 2011

SJA 85th Anniv - FUNRUN

St. James Academy is a school united in faith and committed to excellence. Founded in 1926 and now living the spirit at 85. SJA celebrates its 85th anniversary with a FUNRUN which is open to students, parents, alumni, relatives, friends and others.

Saint James Academy-Malabon: 85 Years and Beyond!
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official poster
photo from: St. James Academy Page

photos from St. James Academy Page

Assembly time: 5:00 am

              10K               6:00 am
              5K                 6:05 am
              700m/1.5k   6:10 am
              3K                 6:15 am

Hosted by:
            Mr. Torres
            Ms. Flestado
            Maviel Gonzales (alumna)

               Pocari Sweat
               Nature Valley

           Male and Female Dressing
           Pocari Sweat

Stage (upper left),  Medic and Information (upper right), Baggage (lower left), Male and Female Dressing (lower right)
In case of emergency, there were medical staffs that can give first aids on the runners at the Medic booth and an ambulance on stand by behind it. Meron pang isang ambulansya na umiikot sa race route, naka-abangan sila kung meron mang runner na kailangan ng tulong (physically). 
If runners or people on the place have questions they can proceed on the Information booth, they can also buy foods, drinks, SJA 85th Anniversary and Fun Run Collectibles. Another booth sells clothes and other stuffs.
Runners who have backpacks or a lot of things with them they can left their things on the Baggage booth. I just brought a belt bag where I placed my cellphone, money, camera, towel and a "drink and fold" water container. Di hassle. I must recommend just have with you belt bags. :) 
Male and Female Dressing room is a place where runners can change their clothes before and after the run. 
Runners or others can also have a souvenir photo for 40 pesos at the Photo Booth. (yun nga lang nagloko ata un printer nila kaya un ibang photos di na nakuha at nirefund un bayad o pede nilang kunin un photo kay Ms. Tandoc sa school.). 
There is also a Technical Booth located behind the stage. 

Pocari Sweat Booth (left) and Pocari Sweat take homes (right)

Pocari Sweat booth is located at the back of the stage and runners can ask for a bottle as long as they want. There were also two Pocari Sweat hydration stations and two water stations located on KM point race route. 
at may mga batang namamasura na hihingin yun mga plastic cups and bottles pagkatapos mo inuman. :)

Gunstart for 10K runners.
every after 5 mins were the gunstart for 5K, 3K, 1.5K, 700m

I finished 5K in 57 mins and 42 secs
Not bad. Im not also aiming to win the race, I just want to celebrate the anniv and to have fun at the same time. Since Im not that in to running though I jogged last summer, one fourth of the supposedly fun RUN, I WALKED or I can properly say "cooled down" for many times. hahaha. :)

my bib and singlet

It was nice to see old and new faces at the fun run. It was a good venue to see Jamers. It made me missed my Alma Mater. 

My siblings and I are all alumni from St. James Academy. I can say that my parents greatest investment was our education. My Alma Mater drove me to give selflessly myself to the local community and the Church.  I learned, grew and became a good citizen and God-fearing. All of this I owe to the community of St. James Academy. 

"For our God, For our Country, For our St. James"
"Para sa Diyos, Para sa Bayan, Para kay Santiago"

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