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Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral

The Jaro Cathedral in Iloilo was built in 1874 by the order of KGG. Mariano Cuertero, O.P., the first bishop of Jaro. In January 1948 it was destroyed by an earthquake. It was repaired in 1956 by the order of the first archbishop of Jaro, KGG. Jose Ma. Cuenco.

Exterior of Jaro Cathedral
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Today, the cathedral is also known as the Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria 
(Our Lady of Candles).

Interior of Jaro Cathedral
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In 1976, the National Historical Institute proclaimed the Jaro Cathedral as a historical landmark.

(c) ChingkyQuijano

Baptismal service area
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Jaro Fiesta is annually celebrated every February 2 and it is said that it would last for more than a month or two. Month looooooOooooOong celebration...

Speaking of baptism...

Graciano Lopez Jaena 
was baptized in this cathedral on December 20, 1856. He is a Filipino journalist, orator and revolutionary hero from Iloilo, well known for his written work, La Solidaridad. 

During the Pastoral Journey to the Philippines of Pope John Paul II, he made a visit to Iloilo on February 20 1981 to address the Laity from this balcony of the Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral and crowned solemnly the Divine Infant and Nuestra  Señora de la Candelaria amidst an undreamed of rejoicing of the people.

On April 21, 1982 Pope John Paul II proclaimed Nuestra  Señora  de la Candelaria Patroness of the Western Visayas. 

The statue of Our Lady of Candles is carrying a lighted candle on her right hand and a child on the other. It is located on the façade of the Cathedral and may be reach through a staircase on each side.

It is believed that she brings protection and divine illumination to one’s path if the person asks for her help.
These candles have prayers praising, thanking and asking guidance from Our Lady of Candles.

Lightning of candles on the balcony is prohibited for safety purposes instead there are lighting areas located inside the cathedral and on each side of the entrance.

Belfry of Jaro Cathedral
Historically, this 19th century bell tower served as a lookout from sea raiders.

There are also a Jesus Christ monument and Mother Mary monument placed infront of the cathedral which were both inaugurated in February 1925.

The walls were built of white and cream colored fossil rock and coral stones. Its exterior is baroque that also includes some neogothic and neoclassic elements.

dated June 04, 2012
Jaro, Iloilo

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