Hunyo 11, 2012

Guimbal Church

Patterned with Baroque architecture
(c) ChingkyQuijano

Guimbal church or Parish of Santo Nicholas de Tolentino was one of the oldest church in the Philippines. The yellow sandstone churcn was built in 1774 by the supervision of Father Campos, a Spanish Priest.  It is made of adobe stones called igang and coral stones from Guimaras.

The belfry served as a watchtower during the Spanish occupation against Moro pirates. The church was destroyed twice, first during the World War II and during the 1984 earthquake. It has been reconstructed and was rehabilitated to its original edifice.

*The church was closed when we got there and weren't able to go inside

dated June 04 2012
Guimbal. Iloilo

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