Hunyo 10, 2012

Villa Lizares

Lizares Mansion, a mixture of American and Spanish architecture.

The Lizares Mansion was built in 1937 by sugar barons of Iloilo, the Lizares family. This is one of Iloilo's most iconic heritage houses which is located in Tabuc Suba, Jaro, Iloilo city, specifically inside the Angelicum School of Iloilo (ASIL) campus.

During the World War II, the Japanese Army occupied the mansion and  it was believed that in the basement were reputed torture chambers where some Ilongo heroes were tortured and eventually killed and many Japanese soldiers also died. The place remained vacant for many years and rumored to be haunted. However in 1960s, it was leased to a businessman and turned it into a casino until it was closed.

The Dominican Fathers bought the mansion in early 1980s (not really sure with the year) and they renovated it and became a house of formation, at the moment it is the ASIL chapel.

I read that the main building is lit up during Christmas season that makes it a tourist attraction. 

dated June 04, 2012
Jaro, Iloilo

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