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Museo Iloilo

Museo Iloilo showcases the Ilongos' culture and history with its various collections of archeological, historical, ethnographical craft and tribal folk arts.

The museum was designed by Ilongo architect Sergio Penasales.

Museo Iloilo logo
It is currently administered by Iloilo Cultural Research Foundation Inc. which aims to sustain and develop cultural education, research and tourism through preservation and display of Western Visayas native culture and history. 

The public museum is located in Bonifacio Drive, Iloilo City. It is meters away from the Iloilo Provincial Capitol and the Iloilo's Department of Tourism office. 

Admission Fee
Student - Php 15 (w/I.D.)
Adult - Php 25

Museum Hours
(Except for regular holidays)

Artifacts are located. Taking of photos are prohibited.

This is the main display of the museum that exhibits mixtures of stone age native pottery; fossils; jewelry; burial jars and coffins and gold ornaments; stone age tools; trade pottery and jars from China, Annam and Siam; era photos; weaponries and armories of the Filipino-Spanish War in late 1800th cent and mementos from the 2nd World War; dioramas showing the simple life of the Ilongos before modernization arrived; old weaving loom; Hispanic-Filipino Era sculptures and religious statues, artifacts, images.

Ilongos who are passionate about their province's rich history donated some of the relics and antiques found in the gallery. 

Art Gallery. Taking of photos are allowed.
The museum also shows modern art done by Ilongo artists and painters.

These souvenirs were made by local artists and craftsmen.
Souvenirs Shop

Museo Iloilo Rules
1. No food and drinks allowed inside.
2. Refrain from handling exhibit items.
3. Taking photographs inside the museum is strictly prohibited. Fine for taking photo(s) is Php 500.00

Museo Iloilo and on the left side is Iloilo Provincial Capitol

Maybe you're asking why does taking of pictures inside museums are prohibited or you may be allowed but without flash? According to a tour guide in Negros photography inside museums or on paintings are prohibited because...
  • it may damage the quality of the paintings or artifacts especially when there is flash. These paintings or artifacts can't stand that much exposure to blinding bursts of light. 
1 click of camera with flash is equal to 
3 days exposure of the painting or artifact to the sun. 
  • security purposes

I also read that it can...
  • be a form of stealing money from the museum: art organizations and museum stores are suffering. Taking of a photo of a painting or an artifact means you won't buy a postcard or souvenir. ***I also think that there's a chance that once a future tourist saw your photos s/he may change his/her mind and not visit the museum that can affect the museum admission. Does I make sense here? hehe. ;)   
  • you're setting a bad example for future generations: the younger generation don't appreciate art that much so it is our task to be an example and to make them understand that these things are delicate objects to be protected.
  • you're damaging artists' claims to their intellectual property

if you want to learn about Iloilo: 
the heart of the Philippines 
come and visit Museo Iloilo. 
It is a venue where they span everybody's own vacancy.

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dated June  04, 2012
Iloilo City, Iloilo

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